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“Dawn-Starr’s treatments combining acupuncture with cupping have brought both immediate relief from painful back and neck symptoms, as well as long-lasting muscle relaxation. Her skill at painless needle placement is outstanding. Her knowledge of both treatment methods has helped me immeasurably.” –-MM

"I just wanted to thank you and let you know how much of a positive influence you have been in my life. Tour genuine care and counseling to me really impacted my life and one of the reasons I am living a very happy healthy life is because of you. So thank you so much for all of your compassion, loving energy and care. You truly made such an amazing positive impact in my life. I have not had a depressive episode whatsoever in a year."  --CR

"Oriental Medicine has been nothing short of a miracle in my life.  After years of suffering from severe PMS and endometriosis symptoms, I have finally found the light at the end of the tunnel.  I decided to try Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine after Western medicine failed to help me.  I am so grateful to have Dawn-Starr as my practitioner, as she has healed what I considered to be incurable pain.  Her warmth, compassion, and excellent skill makes her an invaluable healer, and I strongly urge any individual to allow her practice to change your life."  --SBH

“Thank you so much for all you have done for me. You have a gift to mend and heal and I will always be grateful.” –-BE

“I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the awesome experience I have had with your treatment in acupuncture. Every treatment is as thorough as the first one and I appreciate that! I feel blessed to continue treatment, but also to see your practice grow and prosper! May you continue to grow and prosper, and may I continue to learn and become healthier!” --AT

“Thank you for helping us to attain and maintain good health.” – KJ & EW

"Meeting Dawn-Starr Crowther, L.Ac., and the practice of acupuncture and Chinese medicine changed my life—for the better—in enumerable ways. I had heard from many people about the wonders of acupuncture as a sure-fire way to quit smoking. For years I struggled with even stopping for 24 hours. I had smoked since I was 14 years old and knew that to kick this habit I needed serious help: not just a patch or nicotine gum. I felt calm, secure and warmly welcomed to acupuncture from the minute I spoke to Dawn-Starr on the phone: I felt valued as a person like never before in my medical history with physicians. She has always had the time for me, never forgetting some detail or hesitating to follow up with a phone call when she felt it necessary. She helped me quit smoking immediately after my first treatment, and saw me through the difficult weeks, months, and years ahead by empowering me with strength and advice to fuel my success. I am now four years smoke-free and always recommending Dawn-Starr and acupuncture for all kinds of issues. You won’t regret it. Your life will be so much better!" --MA

"My family and I continue to see Dawn-Starr for our illnesses and troubles with great comfort, satisfaction, and success in health. I have now received acupuncture for healing colds, irregular menstrual cycle and hellish cramps, back pain, neck pain, pregnancy aches and pains, and anxiety. It is amazing to walk into her office with a severe pain and then walk out without one: it’s amazing. I love this about acupuncture—it is so surprising and wonderful." --BL

Testimonials - Marana Acupuncture in Tucson, ArizonaDawn-starr Crowther, L.Ac. offers Acupuncture in Tucson, ArizonaMarana Acupuncture offers safe, effective Acupuncture in Tucson, ArizonaTestimonials - Marana Acupuncture in Tucson, ArizonaDawn-starr Crowther, L.Ac. offers Acupuncture in Tucson, ArizonaMarana Acupuncture offers safe, effective Acupuncture in Tucson, Arizona

Testimonials - Marana Acupuncture in Tucson, Arizona

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