Are you afraid of needles?

I often hear that people have heard good things about acupuncture and all the ways it helps with pain, stress, insomnia, menopause and headaches--and they want to try it--but their fear of needles keeps them from the relief they could achieve. If that's you, please remember these points...

Are you afraid of needles?, Marana Acupuncture in Tucson, Arizona1. Acupuncture needles are hair-thin, flexible and solid. They are NOTHING like hypodermic needles. I've needled many children, as young as four months old...without tears!

2. In your acupuncture session, you are in control. If a needle hurts, just say so, and I'll remove it...though that is rarely needed. We work together as a team to make sure your treatment is pain-free, comfortable, and effective. I'm a specialist in introducing people who are afraid of acupuncture to its many benefits. I have a very gentle needling style, and am used to working people who are already in pain, and don't want more! Most people find their treatments deeply relaxing and comfortable.

3. There is a lot more to our medicine than acupuncture. The system of Traditional Chinese Medicine uses herbal medicine, body work, cupping and tissue manipulation like gua-sha, ear and body acupressure without needles, dietary and life-style advice and more. Additionally, I incorporate other modalities such as guided imagery, aromatherapy, and meditation to help you achieve your health goals.

Dawn-starr Crowther, L.Ac. offers Acupuncture in Tucson, Arizona4. Lastly, if you are someone whose had a previous "bad" experience with acupuncture, I encourage you to try it again at our office. I have treated many patients over the years who thought that first experience with acupuncture was the way all acupuncture is. It isn't. And I'm happy to show you!

If you want to live a healthier life, have less pain, more mobility, a greater ability to do the things you love, want to sleep better, have less stress or anxiety, or suffer fewer headaches, hot flashes, painful periods, or insomnia, give me a call, and let's discuss how acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine can help you. I look forward to speaking to you!